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Q: Is it safe for my pet to lick the Push Up Pawp balm off of their paws?

A: Our balm is formulated with all plant based ingredients that are harmless if ingested by dogs. It is a normal reaction for dogs to want to lick the balm however, they will usually lick enough to taste it and then leave enough for it to help with healing. Some dogs will naturally want to lick off the product more than others. There is no need to contact a vet unless you notice an unusual reaction.


Q: Are Pure + Good's Shampoo and Conditioners Tear Free?

A: No, our formulas are not considered tear free. Tear free products contain numbing agents like lidocaine or novocain to anesthetize tear ducts so that the pet will not feel any pain or irritation. Rather than adding these ingredients to our products, we simply encourage you to be gentle while washing your pets face and to carefully rinse away suds.